TDR Survey of Institutional Dataverse Liaisons




Chan-Park, Christina
Waugh, Laura
Lindsey, Nerissa
McElfresh, Laura Kane
Tmava, Ahmet

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The Texas Data Repository (TDR) Steering Committee's Assessment Working Group (AWG) is tasked with evaluating the progress of the TDR. In Fall 2017, the AWG began an assessment to identify the needs for reporting on the TDR by addressing the following research questions: (1) Which usage and descriptive information about the TDR will be most valuable? (2) What process for gathering and distributing these metrics/information will be most useful? The AWG administered a survey to aid in prioritization of assessment needs for the TDR Dataverse. The purpose of this survey is to identify the levels of institutional capacity at member institutions and provide recommendations on future assessment needs, metrics, and reporting moving forward. Data from this assessment is structured to anticipate potential usage of the TDR Dataverse and guide future work and needs in assessment, training, and continued growth. Because the most valuable usage metrics should allow for comparative assessment across repositories globally, the AWG also compiled descriptions of metrics recommended by three sources which suggest best practices for tracking the impact of research data, including the Make Data Count Project's "Code of practice for research data usage metrics." The results from this compilation of best practices has been combined with the results of the survey to determine a prioritized list of metrics.



Texas Data Repository, Dataverse, research data management, academic libraries, Texas Digital Library


Chan-Park, C., Waugh, L., Lindsey, N., McElfresh, L. K., & Tmava, A. (2019). TDR survey of institutional Dataverse liaisons. Texas Digital Library.


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