Lewis, Jazz-Lynn Lewis

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Texas State University, School of Social Work.


A scream represents many human emotions. Learning and understanding the perspectives of clients will aid in the advocacy process in social work. Most people have a scream inside them, as though only they may know what has caused it. The ability to listen, empathize, and comprehend urgency is demonstrated through emotions. These emotions are inextricably linked to and practiced in the field of social work advocacy. A scream might express relief or a plea for help. The call-to-action will be influenced by the incidence of the scream. Injustices persist, and screams are becoming increasingly ignored in society. If the issues of social injustice remain, a lack of acknowledgment to protect a person's dignity and worth will endure. The scream for social justice that lives in every human being is depicted in this poetry. Without the help of social workers and other advocates, a person or a group of people who are marginalized may be seen as less than the general population. It is the ethical responsibility of social workers to organize and legitimize social justice movements.



human emotions, social work, social justice, injustice


Lewis, J. L. L. (2022). Scream. Louder Than Words, 2(1), pp. 66-68.


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