The Process of Producing a Peculiar Production




Ritch, David Glenn

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This thesis analyses the collaborative process of directing and producing 'The Bald Soprano,' an absurdist play, from start to finish. From casting to the final showing, I document experience the full process of guiding a group toward the ultimate goal of a successful show. This play poses the specific challenge of being written intentionally as an 'anti-play', supposedly devoid of meaning or understanding. The Bald Soprano follows two very English couples in a very English home, and things go amiss when the doorbell rings and a Fire Chief enters to stir up trouble. The whole affair is hard to wrap your head around, and to make this puzzle of a play entertaining for the audience is a feat within itself. In this thesis, I write about my own experiences, and break down the motivations and ideas behind each step in the process. I seek to discover what it means to create an entertaining production, and to find meaning where there is none to be found.



theatre, absurd, absurdism, Lonesco, Bald Soprano, production, play, directing, Honors College


Ritch, D. G. (2022). The process of producing a peculiar production (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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