Ethnic Variations in the Connection Between Work-Induced Family Separation and Turnover Intent




Behnke, Andrew O.
MacDermid, Shelley
Anderson, James C.
Weiss, Howard M.

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Using conservation of resources theory, this study examines the role of resources in the relationship between work-induced family separation and workers’ intentions to leave their employment and how these relationships vary across ethnic groups. Analyses of a large representative sample of military members reveal that family separation is significantly related to intent to leave the military and that this relationship is partially mediated by resources for all ethnic groups. Work- and family-related resources are the most strongly related to both separation and turnover for all ethnic groups, but significant ethnic variations are found for most paths in the model. Results are discussed in terms of applications inside and outside the military and potential implications for conservation of resources theory.



turnover, conservation of resources, family support, ethnicity, military, Family and Consumer Sciences


Behnke, A. O., MacDermid, S. M., Anderson, J. C., & Weiss, H. M. (2010). Ethnic variations in the connection between work-induced family separation and turnover intent. Journal of Family Issues, 31(5), pp. 626-655.


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