Dawn of Shadows: Apertures in Time




Miller, Geoffrey Franklin

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Dawn of Shadows: Apertures in Time, an anthology of five short stories, explores various responses to the conflict between good and evil. Bearer of the Light puts a new spin on the myth of Lucifer’s fall by proposing that his sin was the rejection of existence itself in favor of a return to absolute nothingness. Ascension of Enoch combines science fiction and hagiography to create an alternate reality where Old Testament patriarchs place their trust in God and each other to escape invaders from another world. Tea Time with Augustine recounts a playful, afterlife dialogue in which Augustine of Hippo and Charles Darwin help settle Lucretius’ doubts about God and himself. The Awakening combines traditions from diverse world religions with the legend of the Buddha to suggest parallels between his enlightenment and the fall of Lucifer as portrayed in the first short story, Bearer of the Light. Church of Man describes a future world ruled by an atheistic government with a structure similar to the Medieval Catholic Church. This final narrative will be the prologue to a yet unwritten tale about the collision of worlds, featuring themes and even characters from the previous four stories. Church of Man describes a portion of mankind exiled to the stars long ago that seeks to return to Earth with the aide of a mysterious artifact, but enemies both internal and external threaten to halt the endeavor and drive humanity to extinction.



problem of evil, God, fall of Lucifer, Patriarchs, morality, Buddha, Augustine, aliens, Honors College


Miller, G. F. (2009). Dawn of shadows: Apertures in time (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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