Outcomes of a Bundled Intervention Approach: Analyzing an Enhanced MSW Training Project for Integrated-Care Settings




Benton, Amy D.
Feinman, Erica
Gonzalez, Elizabeth D.
Rosen, Alexandra J.
Anderson, Lindsey N.

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Those in the field of social work education are continuously looking for methods to enhance the production of competent, effective MSWs. One approach is to provide enhanced training programs to select groups of students. Historically, research on these programs has been limited other than for Title IV-E programs. The current study assesses a Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program project. A mixed methods approach was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. Quantitative survey data assessed participants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices related to key project competencies. The qualitative data gathered explored participants’ lived experiences of the project. Results reflect increased understanding and self-reported proficiency in regard to project competencies. Additionally, the qualitative themes indicate project benefits as well as areas for improvement. This study adds to the research literature regarding the effectiveness of enhanced training programs for increasing the knowledge and skills of MSWs.



MSW training, integrated care, social work, behavioral health


Benton, A. D., Feinman, E., Gonzalez, E. D., Rosen, A. J., & Anderson, L. (2020) Outcomes of a bundled intervention approach: Analyzing an enhanced MSW training project for integrated-care settings. Journal of Social Work Education.


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