Effects of Brush Pile Burning on Soil Nutrients and Microbes in the Edwards Plateau of Texas




Barrientos, Rosario

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On the Edwards Plateau of Texas, Juniperus Ashei piles can occupy as much as 15% of the pasture land and therefore decrease stocking rates. These brush piles are removed by high intensity fires. A study was undertaken to determine the effect of brush pile burning on soil nutrients and microbes. After burning, the amount of soil nutrients either remained the same or increased. The microbe population is greatly reduced as a result of the desiccation of the soil by the burn. Revegetation of the Juniperus Ashei is a very slow process and takes several years to re-establish due to the destruction of the seed bank within the burned brush pile area.



prescribed burning, soil fertility, soil microbiology, junipers, Edwards Plateau, Texas


Barrientos, R. (1987). Effects of brush pile burning on soil nutrients and microbes in the Edwards Plateau of Texas (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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