The Mozarabic Documents of Aragón, Huesca and Jaca




Beale-Rosano-Rivaya, Yasmine C.

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In the summer of 2007, I used the funds from the Research Enhancement Program to go to the Archivo Histórico Provincial de Huesca and the Archivo Catedralicio de Huesca in Northern Spain. My intention was to conduct linguistic research on the language used in borderland regions of al-Andalus during the Reconquest (722-1492A.D) by the Mozarabic (Christians who had become Arabized in customs, demeanor, and in some cases language due to their extended residence in al-Andalus) community. In the Archivo Histórico Provincial de Huesca I acquired copies of some 150 documents related to the monastery of Sigena. All of these documents contain some form of early Romance and are related to the Mozarabic communities across the Iberian Peninsula. In the Archivo Catedralicio, I acquired copies of 8 pergaminos that are similar in style and content to those housed in the archives in Toledo. However, these documents have not been edited and before my re! Search, the archivist was only aware of 6 such documents. Furthermore, through the archive I was able to make contact with a family in Huesca that had found a very early Aljamiado book in a beam in their home when doing some restoration work. It is very likely that the book belonged to a Morisco and is a prayer book. This book, to date, has not been made public nor has it been published. I am currently working on transcribing all the documents for publication.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Mozarabic Documents, Aragón, Huesca, Jaca


Beale-Rosano-Rivaya, Y. C. (2007). <i>The Mozarabic documents of Aragón, Huesca and Jaca</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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