Taking Note: Effects of Song and Poetry Writing on Stress Relief




McIntyre, Mikayla Sheri

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This research looks at song and poetry writing and the effects on stress and stress relief in various age groups, professions, and lifestyles, and how and why the process of making this kind of art has such results. Being that song and poetry writing is a very personal experience for the writer, this research makes use of a variety of sources including empirical research, interviews, and personal exploration. The existing research focuses on one specific group or type of subject to this research and is a compilation of those studies in addition to incorporating personal experiences and experiences of those in the local community with this style of writing. It looks at the research component as a starting point and analyzes possible explanations given, as well as drawing on interviews and finding commonality between the experiences of songwriters and those that write poetry and comparing the crossovers and differences between the two writing forms. Lastly, this study allows for personal exploration and immersion on the part of the researcher. It looks to analyze the how and why of song and poetry writing and its effects on the writer as well as shining light on a form of writing that many are familiar with but few pursue as a personal activity.



stress, music, poetry, writing, mental health, Honors College


McIntyre, M. S. (2017). Taking note: Effects of song and poetry writing on stress relief (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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