Welfare Leavers: What Types of Jobs do They Have and How do Their Jobs Affect Their Family?




Taylor, Brittni M.

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There is a lot of research about welfare leavers and how they cycle on and off TANF; however, not many studies focus on the types of jobs welfare leavers have and how they fare after they have been off of TANF for a substantial amount of time. This study focuses on the types of job mothers enter after they leave TANF, what the characteristics of these jobs are and how their jobs affect their family. Using qualitative methods, I interviewed seventeen mothers who had jobs and had been off of TANF for nine months or longer. I used the snowball technique to gain access to this population and social organizations to obtain more interviews from these women. Semi-structured interview were conducted so I could catch each interview to the leaver, so no interviewers were alike. Like past research has shown, I found these mothers were entering service industry jobs. Their jobs paid low wages, were physically and mentally exhausting and produced emotional labor; however, the mothers believed their jobs impacted their family positively by providing more material things, a stable routine and health insurance. Showing welfare leaver's perceptions of their lives after TANF may be helpful because the way they perceive things may be different from the reality around them.



Welfare leaver, TANF


Taylor, B. M. (2013). <i>Welfare leavers: What types of jobs do they have and how do their jobs affect their family?</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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