Geography and Water: Technical and Educational Assistance to Groundwater Conversation Districts in Texas


Since the 1950s, Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) have been Texas' only legal method of regulation and management of groundwater resources in the state. Over the years, the Texas Legislature has given GCDs additional legal powers to better regulate groundwater, but seldom has provided the funding necessary to most effectively use these additional powers. Many of the 98 groundwater districts in Texas are small operations with limited funding and few staff members, and rarely do they employ individuals with a background in aquifer science. Consequently, GCDs, which are the key to proper sustainable development and use of groundwater resources, generally lack the training and basic tools to most effectively manage these resources. The purpose of this project is to provide education and technical assistance to the staff and board members of the GCDs in Texas. In collaboration with the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts, the River Systems Institute developed training materials/workshops and provided training to staff and board member of groundwater districts (See Appendix I). The River Systems Institute also provided technical assistance to several groundwater districts, in the conduct of research studies and the development of databases, regarding their groundwater resources.



water quality, groundwater, conservation, sustainability


Abbott, M. (2005). Geography and water: Technical and educational assistance to groundwater conversation districts in Texas (Report No. 2005-05). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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