Thank You, Back: A Documentary




Duvall, Camille

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Life after COVID-19 has looked different for everyone. Devastation, loss, upheaval and acceptance of a new normal are factors we have come to accept under the global pandemic and the students of Texas State’s musical theatre program are no exception to this. In this documentary, we examine how the lives of these students have been drastically altered and how the bonds between them have allowed them to continue with hope and excitement for the future in an industry fighting to survive the impact of the pandemic. As both a Musical Theatre major and film student, this documentary is the perfect intersection of both of my passions. It also provides an opportunity to highlight a very specific group of people during period of time so unique to right now in our world’s history. The ludicrous, abstract, and terrifying, experiences I have had of taking online dance classes, performing in zoom plays, facing the potential loss of my industry that I have dedicated my life to is something I want to share with the world and the fact that I have fifty other people who share the exact same sensitivities is why I feel compelled to make this film. And although the adversity faced by our program is great and the sacrifices we have made are plenty, The focus of this documentary is the resilience and love we have for each other and the importance it has had in the continuation of our craft. YouTube link to documentary:



theatre, COVID-19, documentary


Duvall, C. (2021). Thank you, back: A documentary (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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