Unit Curriculum for Sixth Grade Texas Students: Introduction to the Arab World




Schaetz, Maureen Pafumi

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This curriculum focuses on educating sixth graders about the geography, history, culture, and politics of the Arab World. It aims to have students think critically and be open-minded when encountering another culture. Classes teaching students more about other cultures have become increasingly necessary with the phenomena of globalization occurring today. Currently students are not receiving enough information about the history and culture about other parts of our world, which is quickly becoming more intertwined. This unit focuses on Arab culture, which is a vital part of the world today. The politics, conflicts, and resources in the Arab world are of increasing importance to the United States, and therefore our future citizens should be more educated about the region.



Arab world, curriculum, sixth grade, Texas, students, Honors College


Pafumi, M. (2009). Unit curriculum for sixth grade Texas students: Introduction to the Arab World (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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