Faculty Perceptions: Diversity and Justice Education in the University Classroom




Fuggs, Reba L.

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With changes in law and policy as well as the need and desire for education by Students of Color, colleges and universities have seen a significant increase in Students of Color on campus. Faculty demographics, however, remain disproportionate with this drastic change. Although the United States of America and its higher education practices are steeped in a history of oppression and marginalization, race was a non-factor in this study due to the small number of respondents identifying as Persons of Color (28 of 141 or 19.9%). This study delved into the perceptions, actions, and beliefs of university faculty at two Hispanic Serving Institutions in the U.S. Southwest. The quantitative analyses resulted in the varied levels of association between the independent variables (Gender, Race, Status, Age, and College) and the dependent variables (Faculty Perceptions and Diversity Advocacy) while four themes (professional development and formal training, university and department policy and practice, diversity and social justice as unmentioned or appropriate in the classroom, and diversity and justice education as essential to implement and enact. The most significant quantitative associations included Gender.



Faculty perceptions, Diversity, Diversity education, Social justice, Justice, Social justice education, Justice education, HSI


Fuggs, R. L. (2020). <i>Faculty perceptions: Diversity and justice education in the university classroom</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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