Mars Exploration Zone Identification Using a Geospatial Suitability Model




Rubio, Minna Adel

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Mars has been a significant source of scientific interest for decades. Space agencies from around the world have invested time and resources into orbiters, rovers and fly-bys. However, the scientific exploration of the red planet won’t stop at remote sensing technologies. The crewed exploration of Mars is one of NASA’s major space exploration goals. Using a geospatial suitability model and human geologic interpretation, this project aims to develop a quantitative methodology to identifying landing sites and exploration zones on Mars. A landing site and exploration zone are identified in Sinus Meridiani that meet civil engineering and ISRU parameters identified in NASA literature. Furthermore, this project presents a quantitative, traceable, and adaptable geospatial based methodology that could be adopted in future site selection efforts.



geospatial science, planetary science, space exploration, mars


Rubio, M. A. (2023). Mars exploration zone identification using a geospatial suitability model. Masters of Applied Geography, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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