On a Class of Elliptic Systems in R(N)




Costa, David G.

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Southwest Texas State University, Department of Mathematics


We consider a class of variational systems in ℝN of the form {−∆u + a(x)u = Fu(x, u, v) −∆v + b(x)v = F<sub>v</sub>(x, u, v), where a, b : ℝN → ℝ are continuous functions which are coercive; i.e., a(x) and b(x) approach plus infinity as x approaches plus infinity. Under appropriate growth and regularity conditions on the nonlinearities Fu(.) and Fv(.), the (weak) solutions are precisely the critical points of a related functional defined on a Hilbert space of functions u, v in H1(ℝN. By considering a class of potentials F (x, u, v) which are nonquadratic at infinity, we show that a weak version of the Palais-Smale condition holds true and that a nontrivial solution can be obtained by the Generalized Mountain Pass Theorem. Our approach allows situations in which a(.) and b(.) may assume negative values, and the potential F (x, s) may grow either faster of slower than |s|2.



Quasireversibility, Final value problems, Ill-posed problems


Costa, D. G. (1994). On a class of elliptic systems in R(N). <i>Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 1994</i>(07), pp. 1-14.


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