Una revisión de la construcción del género




Campos, Isis R.

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This work studies influential Spanish and Latin-American female poets from the XX Century that reflect and reinvent the image of women from previous centuries. The poets selected create images of strong women by modifying historical images. Chapter I studies the works of Concha Mendez (1898-1986) and focuses on the revision of the significance of nature in relationship to women and women’s roles. I emphasize how through her works the poet finds strength in nature. Chapter II studies the poetry of Julia de Burgos (1914-1953). I consider how her life experiences impact her works. In comparing her biography to her poems, I explain that she found inner strength in her writing and that through it expressed and defended her own image of herself. Chapter III studies the works of Ana Rossetti (1950- ). Her strength as a poet lies in creating images that change the way in which women are perceived. She challenges traditional roles by voicing desire through ambiguously gendered voices and by deconstructing female objectification. Using their respective techniques Concha Mendez, Julia de Burgos, and Ana Rossetti defy the dominant image of women and reinvent alternatives in their poetry. This work is a close textual analysis that uncovers the poets’ contributions to the creation of images of strong of women.



Rossetti, Ana, Méndez, Concha, Burgos, Julia de


Campos, I. R. (2015). <i>Una revisión de la construcción del género</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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