Developing a simplified LCA/LCI model of foundry waste used in concrete




Onimole, Rilwan Kayode

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This study presents a developed simplified LCA/LCI model of Portland Cement Concrete using foundry waste (slags and foundry spent sand) by investigating present LCA case studies with varying supplementary cementitious materials (SCM). Multiple concrete mixtures based on a 39 years' service life were investigated using the developed model which include a control mixture without any substitution of cementitious materials such as slags and the utilization of 100% virgin fine and course aggregate. Then concrete mixtures with 30% 40% 50% replacement of fine aggregate with Foundry spent sand and 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% of Portland Cement with slags were investigated. Different concrete mixtures with replacement of Portland Cement and fine aggregate with slag and Foundry spent sand at different replacement ratio level in the same mixture were also investigated and the GHG emission impact for all the mixtures were analyzed and it was discovered that the replacement of Portland Cement with slags and FSS shows a huge reduction in GHG emission impact as compared to control mixture. Emission impact of the service life of concrete from 1 to 39 years was also analyzed using this model and there was an observed decrease in the impact of emission as the service life increases.





Onimole, R. K. (2017). <i>Developing a simplified LCA/LCI model of foundry waste used in concrete</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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