Paired-learning in the elementary school

Sears, Loretta
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One of the purposes of any new or different method of teaching and learning is to improve learning for each individual. Some desirable outcomes of learning are the abilities, the knowledges, the skills, the attitudes, and the ideas acquired by the learner. These learnings encompass the pupil's physical, mental, social, and moral being. The thesis presents an introduction to the problem, procedure, and terms used; a review of the literature giving the significant implications of paired-learning in the everyday life of an individual and similar investigations in the field of paired-learning; experimentation design and activities of the planning and pairing procedures and the execution of the plan; the presentation of data; and the summary, conclusions, and recommendations.
Paired-association learning, Learning abilities, Psychology, Elementary education
Sears, L. F. (1970). <i>Paired-learning in the elementary school</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.