Nuestra Historia: A Multi-Sited Critical Ethnography




Cantu, Mark

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This qualitative dissertation builds on my experiences, especially over the past 23 years as a student, teacher, campus leader, and district leader. The research is grounded in the Community Learning Exchange (CLE) worldview (M. A. Guajardo et al., 2016). I reference other scholars who believe in school and community reform for the greater good of our society. Through a multi-sited critical ethnography, I used storytelling and story making to shed light into three innovative spaces. The purpose of this research was to reimagine leadership development and school experiences that are hegemonic and do not serve Mexican American leaders, teachers, and students well. Change is necessary as more students of color fill our schools and greater communities. Through a series of pláticas, my research partners and I engage in critical reflection using guiding questions to come to an understanding of our lived experiences in one of the three innovative spaces highlighted in the dissertation. The findings and recommendations are connected to the ecologies of knowing and the axioms of the CLE (M. A. Guajardo et al., 2016).



school improvement, leadership, leadership development, community learning exchange, Latino leadership, Mexican American leadership, innovation, spaces of innovation


Cantu, M. (2023). Nuestra historia: A multi-sited critical ethnography (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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