Summary of a Conference on Texas Water Problems and Possible Solutions




Southwest Texas State Teachers College

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Southwest Texas State Teachers College


On July 20, 1954, more than five hundred farmers, ranchers, bankers, industrialists, members of the armed forces, teachers, and students gathered on the campus of Southwest Texas State Teachers College to hear leading authorities from private, state, and federal agencies discuss the increasingly acute Texas water problem ans some of the possible solutions. This conference was sponsored by Southwest Texas State Teachers College to meet two of its educational responsibilities: first, to ensure that teachers and prospective teachers studying at this public institution be prepared to present the problem of conservation to the students in the Texas schools; second, to educate the lay public to the nature of the conservation problem. This bulletin has been published in the belief that the addresses delivered to the conference are of such significance to the people of Texas that they should be given the widest dissemination both to teachers and the general public.



water-supply, Texas, rainfall, water conservation, water resources



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