Implementing Pedagogical Geographical Information Systems Applications in Pre-Service Teacher Training




Johansson, Tino
Kaivola, Taina

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) were incorporated into a new national core curriculum for upper secondary schools in Finland in autumn 2005. This places GIS relatively high on teachers' agendas and requires a revision of traditional pre- and in-service teacher training courses. The Department of Geography at the University of Helsinki, Finland introduced a special GIS training course for pre-service teachers in 2001, and the course has, to date, been taught four times. This paper presents the content and structure of the course, describes the proficiencies of the participants in critical computer software at the beginning of the course, and assesses the attainment targets for students on the basis of the feedback forms returned after each course.



geography, geographical information systems, pre-service teacher training, course planning, student feedback


Johansson, T. & Kaivola, T. (2004) Implementing pedagogical geographical information systems applications in pre-service teacher training. Research in Geographic Education, 6, pp. 5-17.


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