Over-painting and maintenance of rock art sites in the Lower Pecos




Wier, Sandra K.

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Rock art created in Pecos River Style is found on both sides of the United State/Mexico border in a geographic region referred to as the Lower Pecos. This thesis explores the implications of the data recorded during a continuing research project conducted within the area of the Lower Pecos region. The central focus of this thesis is the attempts recording pictographs obscured by over-painting or weathering. The sites discussed thesis are Panther Cave, Curly Tail Panther, White Shaman, Big Satan, Mystic Shelter, and Fate Bell. Several types of over-painting were observed and recorded during this project. The recognition of these types of over-painting support two conclusions, 1) the groups responsible for creating the Pecos River Style rock art were revisiting and maintaining the sites and 2) some of the rock art panels were planned compositions painted by one artist or one group of artists.



rock paintings, Pecos River Valley, Lower Pecos, petroglyphs


Wier, S. K. (2010). Over-painting and maintenance of rock art sites in the Lower Pecos (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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