Resisting Bullying A Poem at a Time: A Collection of Poems to Defeat Bullying




Adams, Julissa

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The term "bullying" is one which varies among researchers, but is generally known as: an act in which there is a perpetrator and victim, where unwanted harm (either physically or psychologically) is done, resulting in emotional distress. It is a serious problem which has plagued many adolescents for decades, and with new technology has come new outlets for bullying (cyberbullying), which only demonstrates that this epidemic continues to grow as years pass by. As a victim of bullying myself, I feel as though it is crucial to face this issue. I have researched various articles concerning bullying and its' outcomes, and as a result I have addressed my findings through writing and art. My research included articles which researchers studied the methodology of educating adolescents and adults about bullying, various forms of bullying, common reasons children and young adults are bullied, and I have also studied children's poetry books surrounding a specific topic (as inspiration for writing and creating a children's poetry book). In creating this children's poetry book, I am hoping to reach a large variety of individuals, ranging from children in primary and secondary school, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators. It is important for all these individuals to confront bullying, rather than ignoring it. This book contains various poems which directly encounter common bullying situations, including race, religion, homosexuality, concerns with appearance, gossiping, and more.



bullying, children, adolescent, poetry, books, Honors College


Adams, J. (2017). Resisting bullying a poem at a time: A collection of poems to defeat bullying (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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