Curating an Archaeological Exhibition of the Ice House Site (41HY161) on Texas State University's Campus




Copeland, Montana

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Texas State University’s San Marcos campus has a spring fed (the San Marcos River) river running through it, which has attracted Indigenous hunter-gatherers and early settlers to this location for thousands of years. The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) conducted archaeological monitoring of construction associated with the University’s new TV and Film Studio building for the College of Fine Arts and Communication, and recovered various Historic and Indigenous artifacts from this site, known as site 41HY16. While monitoring the construction site, technicians from CAS sampled and screened sediment from the ground-disturbing construction activities. Then, the artifacts moved to the lab where they were then sorted, cataloged into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, cleaned, and photographed. This thesis presents the process of preparing the artifacts for curation as well as the work I conducted to curate and create a virtual archaeological exhibit titled “Fish Pond” Exhibit, 41HY161. The exhibit was digitally curated with PastPerfect Museum Software, and it is my hope that the students of Texas State University will utilize this online exhibit in order to learn more about the history and prehistory of the city of San Marcos.



archaeology, virtual exhibit, curation, Honors College


Copeland, M. (2022). Curating an archaeological exhibition of the Ice House Site (41HY161) on Texas State University's campus (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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