Heard It Through the Grapevine: How Promotion Can Change Perceptions of Our Texas Hill Country Grapes




Oellermann, Lauren

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Texans often do not view the wine grown in their own state as very good—at least compared to the competition. Due to this perception, there’s a lot of room for growth in the Texas wine market. This report will explore the current strategies of wineries through social media, websites, and advertising, in addition to analyzing a survey to see how Texans really feel about their own red wine. With the survey conducted, we can discover the root of consumers’ distaste for Texas wine and improve marketing strategies. This data is then used to create a strategic promotional suggestion in hopes to change the perception of Texas red wines. Texans often have pride in their locally grown products, but this report reveals that is not always true for wine. Changing the perception through promotion will assist the wine industry in reaching a larger audience and, in turn, create more money for innovation in the industry. The focus of the promotional plan is on Hill Country red wine specifically. The paper proves how much room for improvement there is in the marketing efforts of these wineries in addition to suggesting certain techniques to add. Education and experience are the focus of these efforts.



wine, Texas, label, Terrior, campaign, Tempranillo, wine economy, perception, promotion, Honors College


Oellermann, L. C. (2020). Heard it through the grapevine: How promotion can change perceptions of our Texas hill country grapes (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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