Evaluation of Cordova Accessor Host for Rapid Development of IoT Applications On Mobile Edge Devices




Eyitayo, Jesuloluwa S.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) middleware service provides the ability for human and computers to learn and interact from billions of things that include sensors, actuators, applications, and other Internet connected objects. The realization of an edge-based IoT service framework will enable seamless integration of the Cyber-world with new physical devices and will fundamentally change and empower human interaction with the world. While there are many cloud-based IoT service frameworks, many health-care related IoT applications such as real-time fall detection systems cannot utilize cloud-based framework due to latency, privacy, and security concerns. In this thesis, we first present an open source plug and play IoT middleware called Cordova Accessor host and we discuss the accessor design pattern, Apache Cordova and the accessor hosts for bridging the heterogeneity among IoT devices and allowing for smarter interactions, sharing and portability. We then discuss the Cordova Accessor host, an edge-based IoT middleware service framework, and a thorough analysis of the opportunities and challenges in the implementation of a fall detection application as components of accessors that embrace the heterogeneity of IoT devices and supports the composition and adaptability of IoT services. We demonstrate the reusability of accessors via building a heart rate monitoring IoT application. Finally, we shown that IoT services deployed on Android compatible devices using this framework consume around 35% less battery power than the same IoT services implemented in native Java language.



Internet of things, IoT, Computer science, Accessors, Cordova accessor host, Apache Cordova, Edge computing, Edge based computing, Rapid development, IoT applications, Mobile edge devices


Eyitayo, J. S. (2020). <i>Evaluation of Cordova accessor host for rapid development of IoT applications on mobile edge devices</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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