An Evaluative Study of a Dropout Prevention Program on African American Male Students in Central Texas High Schools




Williams, Crosville D.

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High school dropouts are a major concern for many states. It is known that male students drop out at higher rates than female students. In Texas, Black males have been identified as having the highest four-year dropout rates among all ethnic groups at 11.8%, followed by American Indians at 9.7%, then Hispanics at 9.4%. Several factors contribute to dropping out of high school. The literature suggests that dropping out is a process with many push and pull factors influencing Black males to drop out. This study presents not only those influential factors but also identifies dropout prevention programs known to lower dropout rates among Black males. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the Communities in Schools (CIS) dropout prevention program was able to lower the dropout rate among Black males or increase the four-year graduation rate. The results indicate that the CIS program was able to increase the graduation rates among Black male students using key components known to lower Black male dropout. Finally, the research highlights a key area of improvement for the program as well as the future directions that future research should prioritize in the study of at-risk Black male students.



Black males, influential factors, dropout rates, graduation rates, Communities in Schools dropout prevention, dropout prevention program


Williams, C. D. (2024). An evaluative study of a dropout prevention program on African American male students in Central Texas high schools (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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