"Empowered Women Empower Women": The Creation and Analysis of the Women's Political Leadership Summit at Texas State University




De Leon, Serenity D.

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“Women are underrepresented in political office at every level of the government in the United States” (Rombough and Keithly 2010, 173). The Women Political Leadership Summit will connect, engage, and empower women interested in running for office and serving as public administrators. In the heart of Women's History Month, this nonpartisan, interactive training, students learn from some of Texas's top political professionals about the essential knowledge and skills needed for immediate entry into a career in politics and public administration. In addition, the conference will feature networking, engagement sessions, and two panels with local and state elected officials and public administration representatives. Lastly, the conference will empower students by being surrounded by influential women with the same passion for change.



government, politics, gender, feminist, elected office, local government, state government, state representative, women, conference, panel, Political Science, Public Administration, Honors College


de Leon, S. (2023). "Empowered women empower women": The creation and analysis of the women's political leadership summit at Texas State University. Honors College, Texas State University.


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