The Rural Schools of Hays County, Texas




Burkholder, Aldine Clifford

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Southwest Texas State Normal College


This study of the Rural Schools of Hays County, Texas, does not presume to be a detailed analysis of the rural school system. Only the general features are surveyed and discussed, in no case with a view to unkind criticism, but with the hope that the people of the County may see their schools in their true light, and that some recommendations may be offered which will be constructively helpful. If such be the results, then the writer will feel abundantly rewarded for his efforts. Almost no attempts have been made to compare the Hays County schools with those of other countries. In fact, the writer has not made a survey of the schools of any other county of the State, but he is of the opinion that the Hays County rural schools are fairly representative of the rural schools of Southwest Texas, and perhaps do not differ essentially from those of the larger part of the State. An expression of grateful appreciation is hereby extended to all those who have in any way contributed to this study : to the teachers of the common schools who responded so promptly and carefully to the questionnaire sent them; to the superintendents of the three independent districts of the County- Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos- for special data concerning their schools; to Mr. S. W. Henderson for the privilege of using materials from his excellent paper on the Financial History of the Schools of Hays County; to County Superintendent, J. H. Saunders, for the data given in his annual reports and for other information both personal and official; to Professor E. E. Davis of the Department of Extension of the University of Texas for statistical and other data gleaned from his Study of the Rural Schools of Travis County, Texas; and to any others who may have offered suggestions or given advice.



rural schools, Hays County, Texas, Sociology


Burkholder, A. C. (1918). The Rural Schools of Hays County, Texas. The Normal School Bulletin, 7(2).


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