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I wrote a short story that is about how different people react to family tragedy. The story will be titled Buttercup. It focuses on a 20 year-old college girl, Lucy, whose father passed away from a long illness when she was younger, and how his death has affected her long term. She struggles with sharing her emotions with others, which has caused her to be very closed off and occasionally suffer from panic attacks. I wrote this story because I believe people should know that dealing with tragedy comes in many forms. My goal is to unpack the effects of tragedy and tell a story of how not all people handle tragic events the same way. Many people grieve differently than others; some are transparent with their feelings and emotions while others are completely closed off. I’m hoping that sharing Lucy’s journey with grief and death will help others come to terms with their own grief that they may carry. The audience I envision for this short story are young adults (18-24) who may have experienced loss in their life and are still trying to understand their relationship with grief and trauma. I want my audience to think about how their personal loss has affected them growing up, and hopefully come to terms with how they have been handling their trauma. The story will be a non-fiction piece because I wanted to challenge myself to write creatively. I was influenced by a few pieces of art and literature to come up with the idea for this project. One piece that influenced me is The Arsonists written by Jacqueline Goldfinger. This play examines a woman who must come to terms with the death of her father, and it highlights the internal struggle she faces. I read this play almost a year ago, and even then I was fascinated with how the story was told. I hope to use this play as a piece of inspiration in my writing. Overall, I hope that my project will help others who have experienced grief come to terms with their inner feelings. Good or bad.



grief, family


Sanchez, S. (2023). Buttercup. Honors College, Texas State University.


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