Bella and the Balloon




McDonald, Brianna
Black, Melissa

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Through a collaborative project, Melissa Black and I were able to combine narrative with imagery to create a successful children’s book. The story takes readers on a journey with ‘Bella the bear’, and how she starts her own business selling honey in order to achieve her dreams of flight. Throughout the book, young readers are introduced to basic business principles for the first time. While going through the illustration process for the first time, I had to combine my artistic style with a formatting that can be effective to a younger audience. Through the illustrative process I created colorful and relatable imagery that captures the reader’s attention. By keeping a strong sense of unity throughout the piece with color, form, and style I was able to create successful mass imaging that compliments the narrative successfully. By doing research into how I can make my art impactful to a younger audience, we created a successful product that can influence a child for life.



Bella, balloons, children's book, illustrations, art, stories, Honors College


McDonald, B. (2018). Bella and the balloon (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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