Healthcare Financial Accounting: A Guide for Leaders




Lieneck, Cristian H.

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Recognizing that healthcare administrators must be well-versed in financial accounting principles to ensure appropriate financial management decisions for the variety of organizations which they lead, Healthcare Financial Accounting: A Guide for Leaders provides readers with a vital knowledge base. Strategically organized, the text supports a learner’s pathway towards the competent creation of valid and reliable financial statements for healthcare organizations. Utilizing both hospital and outpatient organizations as examples, chapters and their related content are organized to support readers’ cognitive processes according to Bloom’s Taxonomy while infusing a multitude of healthcare operational activities mapped to the financial accounting cycle. This application and chapter sequencing further supports healthcare administration students by preparing them for enrollment in a follow-on healthcare financial management course. The ultimate objective is for the reader to understand the intricacies of the formulation and development of the main financial statements to support their follow-on financial management fiduciary duties. Designed to help future healthcare leaders ultimately engage in sound financial management decisions, Healthcare Financial Accounting is ideal for both undergraduate and graduate courses in healthcare administration.



financial accounting, health care accounting, Health Administration


Lieneck, C. H. (2022). Foreward. In C. H. Lieneck. (Ed.) Healthcare financial accounting: A guide for leaders (pp. 1-2). [Foreward]. Cognella.


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