Friend circle and social feature-based routing in opportunistic mobile social networks




Girase, Rahul Narendrasing

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Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks (OMSNs), formed by people moving around carrying mobile devices, enhance spontaneous communication among users that opportunistically encounter each other without additional infrastructure. The OMSNs we discuss here are special kind of delay tolerant networks (DTNs) that help enhance spontaneous interaction and communication among the users that opportunistically encounter each other, without additional infrastructure. Most of the existing routing algorithms proposed for the general-purpose DTNs do not consider social characteristics of nodes. A few papers consider static social feature. In this paper, we introduce the concepts of dynamic social feature and its enhancement enhanced dynamic social feature to capture nodes’ dynamic contact behavior. Also, we introduce an online social feature which catches nodes’ online behavior with other nodes. We propose three novel routing algorithms based on these features. The first one called EDSF uses enhanced dynamic social features for routing. The second one named FC adopts online social features for routing. And the third one FCSF utilizes the combination of both enhanced social features and online social features. The analysis of the algorithms is given by running simulations on real traces on an OMSN to show that our new algorithms outperform in the terms of delivery rate, time latency and number of forwardings.



Computer science, Social networks


Girase, R. N. (2017). <i>Friend circle and social feature-based routing in opportunistic mobile social networks</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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