Challenges of Contact Module Integration for GaN-based Devices in a Si-CMOS Environment




Johnson, Derek W.
Ravikirthi, Pradhyumna
Suh, Jae Woo
Lee, Rinus T. P.
Hill, Richard J. W.
Wong, Man Hoi
Piner, Edwin L.
Harris, Harlan Rusty

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AIP Publishing


The authors report on the integration of an Au-free contact module intended for AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors fabricated in a 200 mm Si complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor facility. Contacts are characterized via transfer line method structures, tunneling electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. Factors leading to incorrect extraction of contact resistance are discussed. The authors find that reoptimization of chemical vapor deposited silicon nitride on AlGaN/GaN substrates is required to ensure reliable determination of contact resistance, gate-to-source spacing, and gate-to-drain spacing. Additional process development is required to enable parallel processing of Si and GaN devices.



semiconductors, contact module integration, GaN-based devices, Si devices, optical computing, Physics


Johnson, D. W., Ravikirthi, P., Suh, J. W., Lee, R. T. P., Hill, R. J. W., Wong, M. H., Piner, E. L. & Harris, H. R. (2014). Challenges of contact module integration for GaN-based devices in a Si-CMOS environment. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 32(3), 030606.


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