Art, Music, and Dungeons and Dragons: An Exploration of Postmodern Creativity




Wright, Audra

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The element of chance is a fundamental aspect of life that has been the topic of much philosophical exploration. Throughout history and flourishing in the 20th century artists, musicians, and other creators alike sought ways to include aleatory, or chance, in their work. Through a personal exercise in using chance in the creative process, I composed a musical work which utilizes the dice rolls from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and converts them into pitches. As the world of indeterminate artworks continues to grow, this paper seeks to explore the various ways in which creators have worked in tandem with chance to imbue their creations with a certain humanity that determinism cannot replicate. That is, how can leaving some elements of creative endeavors up to chance, paradoxically, make them more “human,” and how has chance given my composition a life of its own?



art, music, Dungeons and Dragons, music composition, postmodernism, chance, aleatory, art philosophy


Wright, A. (2023). Art, music, and dungeons and dragons: An exploration of postmodern creativity. Honors College, Texas State University.


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