Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite Self-assembly for Gas Barrier Films Application




Dabbaghianamiri, Maedeh

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A polymer which has nanoparticles dispersed in its matrix is called a polymer nanocomposite (PNC). A common type of PNC includes smectic clays such as montmorillonite (MMT). These clay minerals increase the mechanical properties of conventional polymers and improve barrier properties. Layer-by-Layer assembly (LbL) is a common method for depositing thin films to improve barrier properties. LbL methods are tedious, time consuming, and produce large quantities of waste. Inkjet printing and spraying coating techniques were employed to make self-assembled gas barrier films. These techniques are industrially scalable and efficient. These methods do not need a rinsing step and drying step as required in LbL. A new highly ordered self-assembly intercalated polymer/clay nanocomposite system was developed. The systems appear to be driven by entropic forces. They are nanostructured and self-assemble at the micron scale. These systems display excellent gas barrier properties which don’t follow the tortuous path model of diffusion. This behavior can be explained by constrained polymer theory. Structural characteristics of the intercalates and gas barrier properties of films produced with the intercalated systems are described. A novel approach for food packaging is demonstrated.



Nanocomposite, Self-assembly, Gas barrier films, XRD, Mocon ox 2/60, Spraying, Inkjet printing, MMT


Dabbaghianamiri, M. (2017). <i>Polymer/clay nanocomposite self-assembly for gas barrier films application</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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