Research Data Repositories and Global Scholarly Ecosystem Possibilities




Uzwyshyn, Raymond

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International Federation of Library Associations


Online networked data research repositories allow sharing and archiving of research data for experiments and research studies. This opens data to modern interoperability and metadata standards for search and retrieval. Located in open scholarly ecosystems, data research repositories are currently being leveraged to accelerate global research, promote international collaboration, and innovate on levels previously thought impossible. Research data repositories open possibilities for collaboration with others. They link data to further content from online publications and aggregation tools making associated documents easily accessible. This paper pragmatically overviews such a data-centered ecosystem at Texas State University Libraries, a large state university research library in the United States. The research then goes on to speculate on possibilities for global research data repository networks utilizing the models presented.



data research repository, data repository, digital scholarly ecosystem, online research ecosystems, online research information management, information management, data management, research management


Uzwyshyn, R. (2022). Research data repositories and global scholarly ecosystem possibilities. Trends and Issues in Library Technology: IFLA Information Technology Section. Special Issue on Big Data. pp. 10- 13.


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