daspps a distributed implementation of the aspps system




East, Deborah
High, Jason

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We introduce daspps, a distributed general constraint system based on the aspps system, which uses a master-client paradigm for distributing independent theory segments. We describe the advantages of basing a distributed system on the aspps system and distributing only independent segments. The logic PS+ facilitates the modeling and modifying of search problems. The grounder for the aspps system, psgrnd instantiates a problem with data for a specific instances. During the instantiation, many of the constructs of the logic PS+ are maintained thus the resulting aspps theory is smaller than the corresponding satisfiability theory. The aspps solver still has difficulties with scalability. As the size of problem instances increase, single processor machines take too long to find solutions or they exhaust their resources. The distributed implementation, daspps, increases the resources available thus allowing us to solve problems we otherwise would not be able to solve. We describe how the daspps implementation minimizes communication overhead and increases robustness while minimizing redundant work by clients. We demonstrate the effectiveness of daspps by comparing results of executions by both aspps and daspps.



nonmonotonic logic, logic programming, answer-set programming, constraint satisfaction, distributed computing, client/server distributed logic programming, Computer Science


East, D., & High, J. (2005). daspps A Distributed Implementation of the aspps System (Report No. TXSTATE-CS-TR-2005-2). Texas State University-San Marcos, Department of Computer Science.


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