Determining the Impact of a Correlated Science and Mathematics Professional Development Model on Teacher Leadership




Hernandez, Ruby A.

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The mathematics and science national standards advocate for educational reform by implementing research-based strategies and acknowledges the teacher’s critical role in implementing effective instruction. Teachers who understand how to relate mathematics and science grade-level content in a meaningful way may often feel empowered and advocate for mathematics and science integration on their campus. The Mix It Up professional development program utilized the Correlated Science and Math professional development model to better enable science and mathematics integration by classroom teachers. My study aimed to determine the impact of the Mix It Up professional development program on teacher leadership growth (n=23). I investigated their teacher leadership using a mixed-methods approach to understand if and how teacher leadership growth occurred. I utilized the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics’ PRIME Leadership Framework to identify Stage 3 leaders, the highest level of leadership, for my case study. I selected four cases (n=4) for my multiple case study to gather enriched details on how teachers progressed into Stage 3 teacher leadership. Overall, I found my participants (n=23) reported possessing teacher leadership characteristics. Ninety-one percent reported taking on leadership roles outside their classrooms. Four cases in my multiple case study attributed their leadership growth to their participation in the Mix It Up program. Participants reported that they not only implemented and impacted their own students, but advocated for science and mathematics integration and the use of general best practices at the district and state level.



Mathematics and Science Integration, Teacher Leadership


Hernandez, R. A. (2020). <i>Determining the impact of a correlated science and mathematics professional development model on teacher leadership</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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