Boron Containing Polymers for use as Materials for Radiation Capture




Booth, Chad

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This project is still underway. There appears to be much interest from the US Navy. Additionally, new discoveries have opened up the potential use of this material for drug delivery. We have recently discovered that the polymer is "reversible". When placed into slightly basic water, the polymer breaks down to the monomer. Upon removal of the water, the polymer reforms and retains all of its original properties. Currently there is one graduate student working on the project. He will complete his M.S. degree in August 2007. Beyond that, I plan to continue the project with a new graduate student and/or undergraduate students. Finally, I am continuing to seek increased and continued funding for this, and related, projects.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


boron, polymers, radiation capture, drug delivery


Booth, C. (2006). <i>Boron containing polymers for use as materials for radiation capture</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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