Lived Experiences of Professional Counselors Repeatedly Impacted by Hurricanes




Krennerich, Sarah M.

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The research surrounding professional counselors’ lived experiences pertaining to disaster counseling has focused mainly on a single disaster. Researchers have identified a need to explore further the phenomenon of working in post-disaster counseling and the shared trauma between counselors and clients. In this study, the researcher investigated the lived experiences of counselors who lived and worked in areas experiencing repeated natural disaster along the Texas Gulf Coast. The researcher used a phenomenological method to explore and describe commonalities, differences, and themes that emerged from participants’ interviews. The findings include five themes describing participants’ lived experiences repeatedly facilitating post-disaster counseling. Implications for the counseling field include utilizing case studies in trainings and introducing master’s level students to trauma field work.



Repeated disasters, Professional counselors, Post-disaster, Counseling, Disaster counseling training, Shared trauma


Krennerich, S. M. (2019). <i>Lived experiences of professional counselors repeatedly impacted by hurricanes</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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