How to Get the Job: The Role of Creativity and Innovation in the Job Application Process




Jones, Kiley

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This thesis proposes recommendations for job applicants in order to effectively promote themselves in the job application process. With the United States work force being very competitive, elements of the job application process being hundreds of years old and the job application process progressing into an impersonal process, individuals are struggling to find success with their job hunt. To come up with a solution, I examined both traditional job application processes, such as resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters and the job search itself, and nontraditional job application processes, such as applying with a video, video game, social media account and much more. Overall, evidence shows that innovation and creativity are prerequisites to success in the job application process. Finally, I recommend ways for individuals to implement creativity and innovation into their job application process in order to succeed.



promote, workforce, job applications, markets, creative, innovative, Honors College


Jones, K. (2017). How to get the job: The role of creativity and innovation in the job application process (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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