A Comparison of Crisis Negotiator Mental Health Training to CIT Training Received by Police Patrol Officers




Jung, Jordan Taylor

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Crisis negotiation training prepares crisis negotiators to handle the mentally ill. However, the question arises whether this training better prepares negotiators than does the crisis intervention training that patrol officers receive. First, background on the mentally ill population and a history of police encounters with this population will be discussed. Next, the need for effective training to target the issues that police agencies experience will be explained, while emphasizing the theoretical framework and criteria for why this issue has significant social importance. Thirdly, issues faced by police officers and the mental health population laid out by past research that are significant to the research question posed will be used to support the need for this study. Next, the methodology including the sample size, target population, and detailed procedure for how to conduct the study will be described. Finally, the findings, ethical, and validity considerations, limitations of this research, and future directions for research in the area of mental health training in police agencies will be acknowledged.



Mental Health Training, Crisis Negotiation Training, Police and Mental Illness


Jung, J. T. (2016). <i>A comparison of crisis negotiator mental health training to CIT training received by police Patrol officers</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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