A Case Study of Environmental Justice - Air Quality in Harris County, Texas

Yang, Ting Hsuan
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This research integrates EJSCREEN data and geographically weighted regression analysis to explore the spatial variation in the relationships between environmental indicators and demographic factors in Harris County, Texas. The results show high levels of the goodness of fit for most of the models in PM 2.5, ozone, NATA respiratory hazard index, and NATA diesel particulate matter, except for traffic proximity. The results provide a clear representation that there is a high level of associations between a higher volume of air pollutants or a higher level of relevant health risk and a higher percentage of populations vulnerable to environmental risks.
environmental justice, air quality, geographic weighted regression, Applied Geography
Yang, T. H. (2021). A case study of environmental justice - Air quality in Harris County, Texas. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.