Self-Compacting Concrete using Recycled-Concrete Aggregate




Jiong, Hu

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A preliminary study has been conducted to evaluate the feasibility of using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in self-compacting concrete (SCC). Two different sources of RCA were collected and used in proportioning SCC with different levels of replacement of natural aggregate. Physical properties such as specific gravity, gradation, absorption and abrasion resistance of RCA were measured. Concrete performance including flowability, strength, shrinkage, and rheological properties were evaluated during this study. Effects of different percentage of RCA replacement, and concrete mix design on SCC performance were studied. Results showed that with appropriate mix design, it is possible to use RCA to obtain concrete with the comparable properties as SCC using natural aggregate. Guidelines for using RCA in SCC and recommendations for further study were provided based on the experimental study. The success of this research will not only encourage t! he use of RCA in concrete area, but also extend the use of SCC in construction. Results also indicated that further study is needed for rational mix design methods and long term performance including shrinkage, and durability of this new kind of concrete.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


concrete, recycled concrete aggregate, feasibility


Jiong, H. (2009). Self-compacting concrete using recycled-concrete aggregate. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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