Global Warming: Is It Real?




Caire, Matthew E.

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This thesis examines the topic of global warming by focusing on the causes, results, and possible solutions to climate change. The first part of this thesis attempts to prove that global warming is taking place by looking at evidence from ice core samples, as well as scientific models showing how greenhouse gas emissions have drastically risen since the Industrial Revolution. The issue over whether global warming is primarily caused by humans or is a result of Earth’s natural warming process is also examined. The second part of this thesis looks at the drastically changing weather patterns resulting from global warming. As sea surface temperatures continue to rise and glaciers continue to melt, many cities and homes are at risk of becoming washed away as hurricanes continue to increase in force. Also, the global sea level is rising due to these changes in our environment which further endangers many lives and homes. The final part of this thesis examines several alternative energy sources which may help to reduce the effects of global warming in the future. The results of this thesis have led me to believe that global warming is a natural phenomenon which takes place on Earth, however human interaction (specifically since the Industrial Revolution) has drastically increased this natural process. We are already beginning to experience the results in the form of more powerful hurricanes, such as hurricane Katrina. In order to reduce global warming, there must be a multi-national attempt at reducing greenhouse has emissions by using a combination of alternative energy sources.



global warming, climate change, alternative energy, Kyoto protocol, Honors College


Caire, M. E. (2007). Global warming: Is it real? (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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