Consuming Community: An Ethnography of a Central Texas Community Supported Agriculture Program




Watkins, Emily M.

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<p>Food is the common denominator across humanity. The industrialization of agriculture has allowed year-round growing and the global distribution of produce. The alternative food movement rejects this industrialization. One subset of alternative food are community supported agriculture (CSA) programs which provide food to those who purchase shares in advance. Much of the research on CSA programs has been conducted in the northeastern and west coast areas of the United States and primarily focuses on the motivations behind participation. Little attention has been paid to CSA programs in Texas.</p> <p>To fill this gap in the literature, the following ethnography was conducted on a CSA program in central Texas. Using symbolic interactionist theory as a framework, this study describes the culture and community formed within the CSA program during the Fall 2018 cycle. The main cultural themes identified were <i>Opposition, Education, Personal Connection</i>, and <i>Community</i>.</p>



Food sociology, Alternative food, Sustainable agriculture, Texas, Community, Symbolic interaction, Ethnography, Culture, Community building


Watkins, E. M. (2019). <i>Consuming community: An ethnography of a Central Texas community supported agriculture program</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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