From Solicitor General to the Supreme Court: Deciphering the Judicial Philosophy and Voting Tendencies of Elena Kagan




Schramm, Amanda

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the judicial philosophy, voting tendencies, and potential impact of newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. She is a woman who has revealed little about her personal views. Elena Kagan has a great potential to impact the Supreme Court and thus determining her judicial philosophy and voting tendencies is of great importance. Kagan has shown herself to be liberal; though, upon closer inspection, she exhibits conservative stances on some major issues of today, such as executive power and the First Amendment. Replacing Justice Stevens, she embodies some of the same characteristics and tendencies; yet, there are key areas in which they differ. Due to these differences it is clear that there is a great potential for Kagan to produce a shift on the Court. Known for her ability to bring people of different minds together, she is likely to perform in this capacity in her role as Associate Justice as well. This paper examines the impact Elena Kagan will have on the Supreme Court and evidence that supports this impact given her judicial philosophy and tendencies.



Kagan, Elena, Supreme Court, Judicial court, judicial philosophy, Solicitor General, Honors College


Schramm, A. (2011). From Solicitor General to the Supreme Court: Deciphering the judicial philosophy and voting tendencies of Elena Kagan (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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