A Pilot Study Introducing How Rural Texas Librarians Can Convene Community Resiliency Collaborations




Eger, Elizabeth
Long, Rex
McNally, Allister
Tonciu, Anca
Vasallo, Johnny
Lamper, Rowan

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Our pilot project incorporated Communication Studies theories of community collaboration to adapt the COPEWELL (Composite of Post-Event Well-Being) framework to address resiliency planning in rural Texas communities. This project positioned Library Directors from two rural Texas libraries as community conveners for resiliency planning. Through our partnership with Maria Freed of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), 34 libraries expressed interest in participating in our pilot project. The Pottsboro Library in Pottsboro, TX, and the Lee-Bardwell Public Library in Gladewater, TX, were selected as finalists after our interviews with semi-finalists. Working with the Library Directors, we utilized requisite diversity(Heath & Isbell, 2017) to assemble stakeholders in each community to best represent a variety of interests, identities, and perspectives. This approach led to valuable conversations and insights, and the development of actionable next steps to address core community needs. Our data collection process with both libraries and their stakeholders included: •Two 90-minute focus groups •A COPEWELL self-assessment adapted into survey format (20-30 minutes) •Individual exit interviews with stakeholders and librarians (60-80 minutes) Our project also developed best practices and lessons learned that librarians and researchers can use in adapting the COPEWELL framework and addressing community resiliency in their areas. Across both project sites, we found a need for increased and improved communication between the communities and local governments, and that local stakeholders should collaborate on grants and create initiatives to implement community resiliency goals. This poster will highlight site-specific insights and our overall takeaways and recommendations for utilizing our community resiliency collaboration process. Use the link or QR code associated with each section to access our applied reports for further reading. This project has been made possible through our partnership with TXST's Translational Health Research Center.



rural, Texas, librarians, resiliency, collaboration


Eger, E. K., Long, R., McNally, A., Tonciu, A., Vasallo, J., & Lampert, R. (2024). A pilot study introducing how rural Texas librarians can convene community resiliency collaborations. Poster presented at the Health Scholar Showcase, Translational Health Research Center, San Marcos, Texas.


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